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Heart Health: A Caskett Ficlet

Heart Health: A Caskett Ficlet
by Debo81

"Babe, you know I love living here with you right?"   

Castle put down his coffee cup and stared at Kate across the dining table. “Yeah.”

"And you know how much I love your mom and Alexis?"

"Of course."

"And you know that, I’m totally OK with them living here?"

"Kate, what’s this about?"

She took a long drink of hot coffee, letting its heat warm her all the way down, but Rick could see that she was simply stalling.

"I um, was just thinking about how there’ve been multiple times now that your family has felt very comfortable just coming into our room whenever they want and…."

"I’ll have a contractor here by Monday."


"You wanna close off the wall and add a locking door, right?"

"Well I was hoping to make things a little more private, yeah."

"I wanted to do something about it as soon as Pi walked in uninvited. I just didn’t say anything cuz I thought you liked the open concept of our room and office."

"It is cool, but…"

"No, lets do it.  A man can only take those kind of libido interruptions so much. Mother just about gave me a heart attack last time."

"Well then lets do it." Kate raised her mug in for a toast.  "To the health of your heart!"

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